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Did your washing machine break down? Is it not working like it’s supposed to? Are you now dreading the inevitable future that’s filled with piled up laundry? Don’t worry; repairingwala.com, a professional washing machine repair center got your machine back! Whether your washing machine is front loading or top loading, the experts can provide efficient and quick repairs to get it working again. You won’t have to search for parts if there are some that need to be replaced; we’ll take care of it as well.

Maintenance is an important part of keeping your appliance in top working order, and a routine inspection each year is a smart move. However, it’s easy to put that task on the to-do list and forget about it. We understand. While it’s a best-case scenario that appliance owners keep up to date on maintenance, it’s okay if that didn’t happen-that’s what repair experts are for. No matter what the state of the appliance, whether it’s received plenty of ongoing TLC or not, repairingwala.com is at your disposal.

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List of electronic parts of the Washing Machine with average cost depending upon model are given below:

Panel Board (PCB) – Top LoadRs.3,500 to 4,250One Year
Panel Board (PCB) – Front LoadRs.4,500 to 7,500One Year
Main Motor – Top LoadRs.3,250 to 3,650One Year
Main Motor – Front LoadRs.4,500 to 5,500One Year
Drain Motor – Top LoadRs.1,850 to 2,250One Year
Pump Motor – Front LoadRs.2,550 to 3,250One Year
Pressure Sensor – Top LoadRs.1,250 to 1,450One Year
Pressure Sensor – Front LoadRs.1,550 to 1,850One Year
Inlet Valve – Top LoadRs.1,450 to 1,650One Year
Inlet Valve – Front LoadRs.1,750 to 2,350One Year
Door Switch – Front LoadRs.1,150 to 1,540One Year
Wash Motor – SemiRs.1,850 to 2,250Six Months
Spin Motor – SemiRs.2,125 to 2,375Six Months
Gear Assembly – Top LoadRs.3,450 to 3,850One Year


  • All prices are subjected to models and depending upon availability, may differ.

  • Warranty against manufacturing defect only.

  • Warranty dose not cover damage due to water, high voltage fluctuations or any alteration or tempered by third party technicians.

  • Plastic, Rubber Parts, Accessories are not covered under Warranty.

  • Visiting, Labour and Service Charges are valid for one month from the date of valid Bill.

  • Please ask for and depend on the bill from our Service Engineer or Technicians.

  • Warranty against valid Bill only.

  • Condition apply.

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